A simple reason I like Bari – now at eNom

Former Moniker account manager, Bari Meyerson, has moved to eNom as a senior bizdev manager, according to Elliot’s Blog.

That’s a great promotion for the very likable Bari, and there is a very specific reason why I like her.

Although I was never a Moniker fan – still keeping less than 10 domains there for no particular reason – Bari stood out for me in TRAFFIC 2008 in Orlando, when she was part of the Moniker crowd overseeing (cough, cough) the live domain auction.

My domain, 360.org was being auctioned – back then with a very reasonable reserve of $6,000 – and during the minute or so that attention was drawn to the lot, Bari “drew” in the air a full circle, with her fingers. That shows she understood the significance of the number very well.

Incidentally, the domain wasn’t sold at the auction but a year and a half later set the record for the highest priced NNN .org in history.

Thank you, Bari, for knowing the rules of the game so well and best of success at your new job with eNom.


  1. Aww..Thanks for the shoutout Acro! 🙂

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