Domain registrars : One more thing eNom does backwards

As I'm bidding farewell to the old school registrars that I patronized over the years, I can't but notice their pitfalls. Switching over to a modern domain management system, such as that offered by Uniregistry, is the culmination of frustration, wasted time, and often money, as experienced at … [Read more...]

Ghost domains after eNom hands over registrars to Network Solutions

Late last month I pointed out how Network Solutions acquired a group of drop-catching registrars owned by eNom. The list of ICANN-accredited registrars were used by SnapNames to allocate resources to, in order to catch domains. Today, July 12th, SnapNames utilized Network Solutions as the … [Read more...]

Can’t get away from Network Solutions!

Network Solutions might be the original domain registrar, but these days they maintain a different relationship with domain investors. Keeping one's domains at one registrar versus another, is a matter of personal choice. NetSol is owned by along with I don't register … [Read more...]

Premium gTLD domain transfers require manual intervention at eNom

I've been using eNom for more than a decade and maintain a portion of my domain portfolio there. When it comes down to gTLD pricing, particularly for Donuts, Inc. domains, eNom appears to offer the lowest prices, along with great domain management features. With some early gTLDs less than 90 … [Read more...]

A simple reason I like Bari – now at eNom

Former Moniker account manager, Bari Meyerson, has moved to eNom as a senior bizdev manager, according to Elliot's Blog. That's a great promotion for the very likable Bari, and there is a very specific reason why I like her. Although I was never a Moniker fan - still keeping less than 10 … [Read more...]