A simple reason I like Bari – now at eNom

Former Moniker account manager, Bari Meyerson, has moved to eNom as a senior bizdev manager, according to Elliot's Blog. That's a great promotion for the very likable Bari, and there is a very specific reason why I like her. Although I was never a Moniker fan - still keeping less than 10 … [Read more...]

The insatiable hunger of the Chinese for numeric domains

A few months ago I mentioned how a domain of mine got hit with 4,000 WHOIS queries while it neared its expiration date. After reading Shane's post about the sale of 55.com to a Chinese company, I noticed that one of my numeric domains accumulated almost 1,000 WHOIS queries - again at … [Read more...]

Numbers, numbers, numbers: 24.org sells cheap

The auction over at Sedo of the domain 24.org ended at $7,100. This is a rather disappointing result for a number that returns almost 5 billion results in Google. The seller, however, took advantage of the traffic of his other domain, 24.net to increase the pageviews of the 24.org auction - the … [Read more...]

Perfect number, perfect sale: 360.org sells for five figures

When I acquired 360.org a little over a year ago, I was not intimidated by its seller's asking price. In fact, the purchase of 360.org took very little negotiation behind the scenes; I was willing to pay the $2,500 price tag but ended up paying five hundred bucks less. To me, paying two grand for a … [Read more...]