Expired domains auction trickery won’t get you an accurate valuation

For several years now, some domainers attempt to gauge the value of their domains by engaging in a simple trickery. By allowing their domains to expire and be entered into an auction, they perceive the winning bid to be an accurate representation of value. This practice is not only frustrating … [Read more...]

DotSauce Magazine relaunched today

Mark Fulton's DotSauce Magazine is back; after a hiatus of exactly 687 days, the publication relaunched today. Covering subjects related to domains, domain investing, SEO, marketing and development, DotSauce Magazine will also be hosting regular contributions by yours truly. DotSauce has been … [Read more...]

GoDaddy expired domains : Why the long wait after payment?

Recently, I renewed my trust in GoDaddy and it's all thanks to the hard work of Joe Styler, who has been assisting with a lot of the issues I addressed last year. First and foremost, Joe's patience, demeanor and ethics project sainthood; I am fully aware of the gravity of the word, and it's not … [Read more...]

Thoughts on the Radio Shack domain list and auction

After all these years, Radio Shack is being liquidated. The auction for the Radio Shack portfolio of domain names is being handled by Hilco Streambank; the domain list includes 296 domain names. For a potential brand buyer, the domains related to the Radio Shack name are definitely part of the … [Read more...]

Domain Name Sales : Thank you, Brooke

When a domain sale is achieved, everyone is happy: the seller, the buyer and in the case of an existing broker, them as well. But what about when an inquiry doesn't lead to a sale, despite all the broker's efforts? Sometimes, the DNS brokers go well beyond the "call of duty" to achieve a sale, … [Read more...]