How the GoDaddy domain valuation widget interferes with third party sales

In recent weeks, I was negotiating with a potential domain buyer, using the assistance of a Uniregistry Market broker. The broker made several attempts to educate the buyer, who represented his own company, on the domain's valuation. The aged .com domain consists of two generic, descriptive … [Read more...]

Branding : You dictate a domain’s worth, not the market

Unique products are often touted as overpriced, expensive, outlandish - and every other epithet available to describe a high monetary value in a negative manner. And yet, it's the uniqueness of such products that defines their value and price. There are very few things more unique than domain … [Read more...]

Doubling your asking price : Not a threat, a promise

During the past two years, the introduction of numerous gTLDs rejuvenated the domain industry and the domain aftermarket. Domain sales have sustained a high volume and average sales price, indicating a healthy secondary market for domain names. Naturally, the value of .com, .net and .org … [Read more...]

Expired domains auction trickery won’t get you an accurate valuation

For several years now, some domainers attempt to gauge the value of their domains by engaging in a simple trickery. By allowing their domains to expire and be entered into an auction, they perceive the winning bid to be an accurate representation of value. This practice is not only frustrating … [Read more...]

Defining the sweet spot when buying domains

As a domain investor I follow a simple mantra: buy low, sell high. The question is, what exactly is that "low" that will eventually determine the "high" price and how does one determine that? When evaluating the potential of a domain to be acquired, I consider its TLD, keyword, age, positive … [Read more...]