Can’t get away from Network Solutions!

Network Solutions might be the original domain registrar, but these days they maintain a different relationship with domain investors.

Keeping one’s domains at one registrar versus another, is a matter of personal choice. NetSol is owned by along with

I don’t register domains at Network Solutions, and that’s because there are competitive options elsewhere. I also don’t appreciate the 3 day charade of waiting for domain authorization keys to arrive, after one unlocks their domain for transfer.

Yet somehow, I end up having domains at Network Solutions: NameJet, the domain auction marketplace, is a joint venture between Rightside and And SnapNames is a property as well.

Until recently, SnapNames acquisitions would end up at eNom, another Rightside property. I’ve no problem with eNom or its myriad ICANN-accredited registrars, per this official list.

It seems though that SnapNames is now moving its drop-catching services to Network Solutions.

Today, I received notification that one of my domains that is sitting nicely in my eNom account, will be transitioned to Network Solutions on July 11th.

NetSol has effectively acquired the domain Registrar along with others. There is no other update at ICANN about this.

I think that this type of domain musical chairs needs to stop.

Drop catching services rely on system resources and connections to the Registry. But it’s about time to be able to choose where domains that were caught should remain with.


  1. NS is the most secure domain registrar on the planet. Nobody can get get the auth code! 😀

  2. Good luck with these time-wasting clowns.
    There are still a few domainers that have all their domains with Netsol. WTF?

  3. Yamada – NetSol is the only registrar I’ve lost a domain from, albeit temporarily. That was 15 years ago, when security was lax.

  4. Tactics to hold onto that back catalog 😉

  5. Win a domain at snapnames and it goes to netsol. Neglect to transfer out and/or let it expire and then it gets auctioned off at namejet which gets even higher bid competition. Win-win for

  6. Tony – I like the way you’re thinking!

  7. We had a name at NS via the Namejet route. I wasn’t aware of the ‘retention strategies’ and assumed that because the name was acquired via Namejet we would not be treated as a Retail customer owning a single name. We thought that the transfer out would be as straight forward as dynadot, namecheap, pheenix etc.

    So I was emailed telling me I need to wait up to 3 days for an auth code, then told I needed to call and speak to a consultant. So I made the international call, spoke to a nice customer service person who transferred me to the department which would help me and provide the auth code – that department was closed. I lost my patience, emailed support and received the Auth code shortly after they saw my reply to the support ticket.

    It’s hard to build a business and yet so easy to damage it. Hopefully NS will realize they could make much more money by supporting people who own hundreds/thousands of domains.

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