Dot .ORG domains offer authority to restricted gTLDs

I’ve been registering .ORG domains since 1999, and have been successfully selling them to private investors and corporations.

The dot .ORG extension (TLD) provides a quality layer of authority and legitimacy. It ranks exceptionally well in Google, at a preferential degree, perhaps.

Recently, I’ve been witnessing the voracious appetite of cryptocurrency start-ups for .ORG domains. These blockchain technology companies utilize .ORG domains as a quality, affordable upgrade to “fringe” ccTLDs, such as .IO, .AI and others.

A recent transaction I completed via, involved a .ORG domain that will be used as an upgrade to a restricted gTLD, dot .Law.

While dot .Law is particularly defined and restricted to companies and individuals in the law field, dot .ORG extends those boundaries by expanding on the audience of .Law domains. It’s the same logic behind .Bank and the ability of financial organizations to take that controlled core further, using .ORG domain names.

The transaction closed using Concierge, an option that has become my default choice of domain escrow these days.

I’ve completed transactions where the buyer, having initiated Escrow, adopted the Escrow Concierge on their own; in this case, I selected the process due to its extended benefits for the seller.

  • Once payment is made by the buyer, assumes control of the domain, resulting in:
  • Instant payment for the seller. No need to wait for the buyer to take over the domain to their registrar of choice.

It’s important to share that negotiating with a law firm as the end-user buyer, can be an educating experience. There is a certain level of courtesy and understanding of domain valuation, far more accurate than any automated domain evaluation system can provide. My negotiation was smooth and pleasant – truly an oasis of domain investing.

Fifteen years ago, keyword dot .ORG domains were being sold for a few dollars on most domain forums. I recall Ron Jackson selling them by the dozen on DNForum, and I bought several from Ron, and hand-registered many more.

It’s quite satisfying to see a $15 dollar purchase turn into a mid-four figure sale a dozen years later, to be used as a key expansion to a law practice’s brand.


  1. Theo – Great to hear and congrats on the sale! Certainly will look into and keep the Escrow Concierge service in mind on the next transaction. 🙂

  2. Alvin – Thank you. Escrow Concierge is priced competitively and well worth selecting it over standard Escrow.

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