Ethics & the domain industry

Every function of human interaction is governed by ethics – the quintessential, unwritten rules of behavior that define how humans formulate both personal and interpersonal relationships.

Without ethics, it would be fine to steal. It would be acceptable to cheat. It would be perfectly normal to deceive, double-cross or take advantage of.

Thankfully, the majority of domain industry professionals do observe the ethics of engagement. There are exceptions, of course, but the cheaters, thieves and other unprofessional vagabonds get identified and ostracized rather quickly.

On the ethical side of things, I would like to commend the team – professional domain brokers, who strive to deliver results for their clients, all while ensuring they retain a fully ethical implementation of business engagement.

At, a promise is a promise, and mutual agreements are honored; that’s why clients that used and its agents return time and again for yet another round of domain transactions.

In every financial transaction, there is a chance that a non-disclosure agreement is part of the exchange. By default, such sales or acquisitions on behalf of clients remain sealed.

The domain industry thrives on relationships, not numbers, and NDAs are well respected. The same goes for promissory notes that involve domain brokerage referrals.

Once again, I’d like to praise and in particular Amanda Lucas Waltz for their honesty, integrity and professionalism. It’s the very least I can do, they are an exceptionally important pillar in the domain industry.


  1. I agree with the majority of this article and it’s commendable that many have solid ethics when it comes to the domain industry. Sadly though, I have disagree that a majority are ethical and see many unethical attempts in this industry daily at domain communities across the inter-webs. It’s a constant battle that seems like there is no end in sight. On a positive note, I think that the reason it appears most are ethical, is because community staff members everywhere are coming together and protecting members as much as they can to avoid anyone getting burned.

    I commend all domain community staff for their efforts to help keep the industry clean from all the scammers and unethical business practices. 🙂

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