Forwarding inquiries to the Domain Name Sales platform

The introduction of the Domain Name Sales platform, two years ago during TRAFFIC in Ft. Lauderdale, was an industry game-changer.

The DNS platform and assorted app for iOS, currently – have provided a solid, expandable tool that offers a myriad of options for active domain sellers.

Domain inquiries that arrive via direct email or via a phonecall, can be forwarded to the DNS platform, in order to retain the data in a central location. This way, you can keep track of and reference past inquiries for the same domain and crunch important data.

To do so, you can forward these inquiries to the email address sell [at] domainnamesales [dοt] com.

There is one small detail that often gets overlooked, when forwarding such inquiries, in order to view them in your DNS inquiry panel:

  • You MUST add the domain first to your domain portfolio, via the Add Domain function
  • You MUST forward the inquiry with the domain in the body or subject of the email, from the email address associated with your DNS account

By ensuring these two details are met, you’ll avoid quite a lot of frustration and the occasional hair-pulling moment when these emails don’t show up. 😀


  1. Daniel Pfanzagl says

    Thanks for the hint, had no idea of this useful feature yet but worked like a charm.. just moved a lot of older direct inquiries to DNS right now *thumbs up*

  2. Daniel – You’re welcome. Several times I’ve forgotten to add the domain first. Once you take care of these two points, the email inquiries appear in 5 minutes. You can then edit the inquiry’s particulars to include any phone numbers etc.

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