Friday Funnies: ccTLDs in real life

Traveling domainers carry with them the “domain virus” and often attempt to apply it to real life events.

Rick Schwartz’s recent trip to Greece and neighboring Turkey inspired the following Friday Funny 😀



  1. Francois says


    It’s not an exception, without want to be rude I have the feeling a lot americans have low geographical knowledge:

    Several years ago I contacted a guy from Texas for business and when I said I live in France he asked me: How many miles from Houston in car?

  2. Maybe he was looking for Paris, Texas 😀

  3. “when I said I live in France he asked me: How many miles from Houston in car?”


    Here in Missouri we have a:

    * Californida, Missouri
    * Mexico, Missouri
    * etc

    No wonder we’re so geographically screwed up lol.

  4. Patrick McDermott says

    And there’s Rome,New York ,Rome,Alabama,
    Rome,Georgi and more.

    Similar situation with London and many other examples.

    A woman here in NYC who lives in Manhattan got a really great deal (cheap rental fee) over the telephone from a rental car company.

    It turns out she got the deal because the salesperson gave her the rate for Manhattan,Kansas
    and NOT for Manhattan,NYC.

    Another woman called Information to get a phone number for a business in New Mexico.

    The operator said “I’m sorry. we only provide information services for the United States”.

  5. I wish my flight tickets to Athens, Greece were priced for Athens, Georgia 😀

  6. An American tourist at Windsor Castle in London was annoyed by the low flying jets on finals into Heathrow, and asked the guide why they built the castle so close to the airport 🙂

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