Time for TRAFFIC to be by invitation only, once again

When Rick Schwartz writes a blog post it's usually some time in the early morning. His unique, direct style is what makes the readers of his blog going back for more. At Rick's blog there's a lot of motivational information, dished with what I'd like to call 'domainer tough love'. Not everyone … [Read more...]

Friday Funnies: ccTLDs in real life

Traveling domainers carry with them the "domain virus" and often attempt to apply it to real life events. Rick Schwartz's recent trip to Greece and neighboring Turkey inspired the following Friday Funny :D … [Read more...]

To boldly go where no domainer has gone before!

I admit it, I am a Star Trek fan. I discovered the series in the late 70's, long after Space 1999 and right after the success of Star Wars. I'd rush home from school and I'd turn on the TV to watch - in glorious black and white - the adventures of Starship Enterprise and its brave crew. What set … [Read more...]

Friday Funnies: Putting fun back into domains

Things get too serious sometimes. In order to instill some fun into the serious business of domains, I'm starting the "Friday Funnies" section. Each Friday, a cartoonized photo will attempt to deliver some humor without - hopefully - hurting the feelings of those it depicts. :D Today's "Friday … [Read more...]