Friday Funnies: My Domain Revenue in Ruins

Revenue is severely down across the domain parking industry, as PPC companies slowly but surely pass the “benefits” of trickle-down economics to the domainers.

Meanwhile, the main advertising providers, Google and Yahoo post record revenue while they’re reducing ad revenue paid to domain holders. Time to develop your domains.

Click on the image below and enjoy your Friday!



  1. Reece Berg says

    lol, that’s one movie I certainly won’t miss! 🙂

    On a more serious note – I have to agree regarding development. Google and Yahoo are going to keep reducing revenue until domainers revolt and find an alternative monetization method, so I have a feeling we’re only going to see lower parking revenue for the foreseeable future.

  2. Francois says

    LOL, well done ah aha

  3. Boy can you use Photoshop.

  4. Why would Google, Yahoo, and MS feed their competitors only to have them bite back in the future ? Why shouldn’t they keep most of the profits and squeeze everybody else ? What are we going to do about it ?

  5. Rick Schwartz says

    You are one of the most talented graphic artists I have seen on the net and an imagination to go with it.

  6. I don’t think you portrayed me in the right sense. When was the last time you saw me wear at hat like that or suspenders. 🙂

    One thing to remember at least in our case, as we have made less from our upstream providers we have actually had to pay a much higher percentage out to our clients. That doesn’t mean they made more money than before, that means we make less of a percentage.

    The economy has hit all of us and there is a trickle down affect. The one thing I always look at is Google’s traffic acquisition cost from quarter to quarter to see how much more or less they are paying. In the second quarter they paid more to direct feeds than the quarter before. That’s kind of interesting, where did it all go.

  7. Thanks for the comments everyone. Humor is a good way to present trends and facts while attempting to heal the financial pain.

    Hey Donny – TGIF 😀
    The industry overall is down (about 50% down for me at Sedo, over an 18 month period) and conversion rates are dropping as well. We need new strategies and selective development of domains, as opposed to across-the-board parking.

  8. Wow. I have some nice legs, lol.

  9. Great work Theo.

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