Getting the right offer : A waiting game worth playing

Earlier this week I closed on yet another domain sale on the Uniregistry market platform. The agreement was reached last week, but a small glitch caused a short delay with the buyer’s funds at Uniregistry.

This single word .ORG domain was registered in 1999 and I acquired it a decade ago on NameJet. It’s my first sizable sale on the Uniregistry platform under its new status as a GoDaddy company.

Holding long term and renewing such single word domains in .com, .net and .org TLDs is part of my personal mantra about domain investing. Holding quality domain names for a decade is not exactly rocket science: domain value increases like aged wine.

Over the years I received a handful of inquiries, and most of them seemed to indicate that the domain, being an .ORG, was basically “second tier” and not worthy of my asking price. The fact is that I’ve sold many .ORG domain names at prices that deliver a very healthy ROI, consistently.

The idea is to emphasize the importance of the keyword and its global potential; having an almost unlimited range of buyers is your best bet when turning down an offer that’s not up to par.

This time around, the buyer represents an organization with a humanitarian focus, and I’m glad with the fact that they will put it to good use. Providing businesses with meaningful, quality domain names is a satisfaction that matches the financial side of the transaction.

Uniregistry stopped reporting domain sales right at the time of its acquisition by GoDaddy; the latter does not share such data, officially. I usually share some of my sales at a later time, especially when there is a positive message to deliver as well.

One thing to note is that Uniregistry continues to be a great domain registrar, and an active marketplace for domain investors. The platform works well, both for self-brokered sales, and when using the services of its experienced domain brokers, who are now GoDaddy employees.


  1. Congrats Theo!

  2. Congrats on the .org sale and thanks for the update about Uniregistry too.

  3. Robbie – Thank you.

    Silentptnr – I appreciate it. Definitely an interesting evolution of a brand at Uni.

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