GoDaddy : Openly ignoring the BIN price and using the client as an excuse

In May I wrote about how GoDaddy continues to send unsolicited offers for domains that are listed for sale on other marketplaces, with a BIN.

What’s the catch?

For $69 dollars, GoDaddy brokers reach out to anyone with a domain. If a GoDaddy customer is hoping that the brokers there will perform some kind of magic, they are either fools or seriously uninformed about the process.

If the domain has no price associated with its lander, that’s one thing. If it’s listed for sale with either a minimum offer price, or a BIN, that’s when such queries that don’t meet the pricing criteria become 100% spammy.

In January, I wrote about this spamful approach by GoDaddy, and today’s 3rd installment touches on the subject of how GoDaddy continues to spam domain owners with unsolicited offers – using their client as an excuse.

An email I received quotes the existence of a BIN price for one of my domains, adding that they are aware of the listing price.

Two things are added to this recipe for disaster: asking for price flexibility, and stating that their customer was pushy about placing an offer substantially lower and despite their advice not to do so!

I’ve seen some pretty strong bullshit in my 20 years in the domain industry, and this wins GoDaddy a Big Turd award.

What kind of domain agent or broker collects $69 dollars to do nothing benefiting their customer? Are they dealing with imbeciles as customers, or are they playing dumb just to rack up the $69 dollar fee?

I seriously don’t believe that someone who used GoDaddy in the first place, paying $69 dollars to acquire a domain through their service, would go against an agent’s advice not to place a lowball offer!

We are talking about tens of thousands of dollars in difference, not even in the same class range.

No, this isn’t a dumb customer ignoring advice from GoDaddy, thus willing to lose $69 from the moment the offer is made. This is clearly, in my educated opinion, a new scheme by GoDaddy to continue pestering domain owners, while putting the blame on some poor, uneducated customer who – supposedly – desperately wants to make a lowball offer anyway.

Seriously GoDaddy, the Big Turd trophy is a new low in the domain industry.


  1. Raise the price when you get an idiot attention by godaddy spammers. I am just pricing anything at $1m, any domain any1 wants, just one price. I’m tried of trying to figure out why someone wants one or what qualifies them to tell me how much it should be worth.. I just have domains because I like them, I have a plan each – that is the point, after all.

  2. Jay – The existence of a set price seems to make no difference at GoDaddy. The new twist attempts to get a response, negotiate even, and “blame” the anonymous GoDaddy customer for making such a pushy decision!

    GoDaddy, stop making offers that violate basic rules of professional engagement in any industry!

  3. I don’t use them often mostly private buying, but does anyone know why Godaddy would show 2 bidders going against each other on a domain and they show bidder 3 as the winner. It’s as if they had a invisible bidder win the auction. Any thoughts on this. I thought it was weird.

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