Goodbye, Moniker

I’ve never been a heavy user of Moniker; not even in the “good old days” when Monte Cahn ran the show.

Moniker’s interface always left something to be desired, and it was always a few steps behind the practicality and efficiency of other web interfaces, such as that of eNom.

These days, even GoDaddy‘s improved domain manager seems like a sight for sore eyes in comparison.

With recent problems plaguing Moniker to no end, I am moving my last remaining domain to Uniregistry.

To get the authorization code from Moniker, I had to select the domain and check the “Advanced Settings” box, that revealed several extra options. The code arrived at my mailbox in seconds.

Unlocking the domain took extra effort, as the lock/unlock toggle appeared inverted. I had to select the domain’s checkbox, and from the drop down menu select the “Unlock” option; the little padlock option seemed not to work.

Transferring the domain to Uniregistry appears to be working so far; pay attention to the emails and notifications in order to complete such transfers.

It’s farewell to Moniker, and I leave behind a credit of $3.52 that cannot be used.


  1. Many will be leaving with you, including me. The new is not made for domainers. The lack of bulk features is painful. Unlocking, and requesting codes is more painful. The old Moniker was made for domainers, I am not sure who made the decision to roll this out but it was a bad, bad move.

  2. Do you guys know how to expedite the transfer when you get the Moniker transfer request email? There’s a link to cancel the transfer but not otherwise (and rewriting the url doesn’t seem to work..)

  3. Mike – It’s up to the losing registrar (Moniker) to allow the transfer to occur immediately. Every single move out of Moniker I’ve done took a week. GoDaddy has an option to expedite transfers out in hours or even less.

  4. Rob Rude says

    Yep, I keep most of our portfolio at Fabulous, with GoDaddy as a secondary, but I always keep a few scattered around elsewhere. I initiated transfers of the only 8 domains we had at Moniker the second their site came back up this morning. It’s a tedious process as others have mentioned. I also very much dislike when a registrar such as Moniker passively drags their feet by not providing a link to immediately release the domain to the new registrar. It just makes the move all the more justified.

  5. Transfers out of always took 6 days as there was no way to approve the outbound. I would suspect with the stellar new programming transfers will now take 12 days… If anyone finds a way to approve the outbound transfers let me know!

  6. They’re making it as difficult as possible to leave. But then again, every one’s running for the exits.

  7. I have less than 5% of what I once had.
    I will move them out slowly.

  8. After lots of wasted time and effort, finding it impossible to renew domains, fund account from credit card, change/add a new credit card, get account credit for PalPal funds deposit, use US Dollars and not oddly default to Euros, stop double billing, stop billing for expired names marked non-renew, change nameservers (ns occasionally works but often fails to change), get transfer auth codes, unlocking, use the portfolio lock as intended, edit/change profile and settings, do bulk work, and several other issues including hours on hold waiting fro support to answer. When reached support is of little if any help. In fact, today I discovered support knows next to nothing about the bugs and how to fix them and re Portfolio Lock was wondering what it was and how/why it was setup on my account and why it was used by the old Moniker. Support tickets are auto-responded only but apparently not actually handled or resolved. Even registering a new domain does not work! How could they launch this with obviously bad programming, little or no beta testing and poor staff training? This is insanity.

  9. Drdomainer says

    Moniker have charged my credit card
    for lots of domains that I have deleted!I have been waiting 5 days with no reply for my refund!! I hate the new control panel and 90% of my domains are with moniker. They are turning into REGISTERFLY

  10. Sorry to hear about all the drama Moniker is experiencing….. if anyone is interested in eNom – give me a shout!

  11. Easier said than done! How could we transfer to eNnom or anyone else when it seems impossible to unlock and get the transfer authorization codes. I have been trying to unlock and get several auth codes since the new site was launched with zero success and no reply to several support tickets or phone assistance on the issue.

  12. Transfer out has been completed. The domain still shows in my Moniker account.

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