Moniker password reset points to apparent mass hacking of accounts

Four months ago I moved my last remaining domain away from Moniker. The timing was apparently right, as today I received notifications of a forced password reset via email. While these emails were legitimately sent out, they ended up in my spam folder, which does not reflect positively on … [Read more...]

Goodbye, Moniker

I've never been a heavy user of Moniker; not even in the "good old days" when Monte Cahn ran the show. Moniker's interface always left something to be desired, and it was always a few steps behind the practicality and efficiency of other web interfaces, such as that of eNom. These days, even … [Read more...]

Moniker: All is quiet on the domain transfer front

Whenever I acquire domains, I usually transfer them from their 'random' registrar to my primary one, Fabulous, as soon as possible. Sometimes, though, I forget and the domains remain with their respective registrar until it's time for renewal. Last week, I initiated the transfer of a few … [Read more...]