Domain registrar journey across two decades

Having registered my first domain in early 1997, I took a minute to recall what has changed in the domain registrar industry since then. Network Solutions remained the only registrar during the first few years of the commercial Internet, but that changed quickly. As with every industry, once … [Read more...]

Domain registrars revisited : The good, the bad and the ugly

Two years ago I wrote about how domain registrars fall in three categories: the good, the bad and the ugly. With the expansion of the Internet name space and the proliferation of new gTLDs, the importance of domain registrars as safe-keepers of domain assets has increased multifold. It's time … [Read more...]

Domain registrars: The good, the bad and the ugly

ICANN accreditation of domain registrars requires both a strict adherence to the standards mandated by ICANN, and a business approach that understands the complexities of the market. With that in mind, not all domain registrars are created equal. This is not a registrar ranking diatribe, … [Read more...]

Goodbye, Moniker

I've never been a heavy user of Moniker; not even in the "good old days" when Monte Cahn ran the show. Moniker's interface always left something to be desired, and it was always a few steps behind the practicality and efficiency of other web interfaces, such as that of eNom. These days, even … [Read more...]

NameJet: Still a top venue for savvy domain investors

I've been using NameJet for the past 5 years; investing thousands of dollars in aged, quality .com, .net and .org domains. The sweet spot seems to be two-word .com domains, a practice that Frank Schilling ascribed to since his early investment days. NameJet is an excellent repository of such … [Read more...]