Got overpaid at

As a happy customer of for the past 15 years, I can only say that they always strive to improve their services.

In the rare occasion that I faced an issue, support and management jumped in to resolve it to my satisfaction. And throughout this 15-year tenure, they offered many ways to solidify their products and services.

Still, mistakes can happen, and it’s always fun learning new things about the banking processes, and how money is moved around.

A recent transaction I completed on resulted in being overpaid by hundreds of dollars, due to a fat-fingering of sorts: two digits were swapped, and my bank account received the excess payment.

I didn’t find out until a few days later, and by then, the transaction wasn’t pending, it was final. Naturally, I contacted and informed them of the error. It was the proper thing to do, from an ethical and practical standpoint.

While they conducted their internal investigation, I contacted my bank, and was reassured that the transaction was final. I talked to my CPA to find out the best way to refund the excess funds; his response was to record it as an overpayment due to an error by the escrow agent.

I was getting ready to proceed with that, when got back to me, and apologized for the mistake; they said their bank would issue an ACH reversal and it would be corrected.

I kept an eye on my account, convinced by my bank’s customer service that it’d be impossible. But a week later, the funds left my account, and the following day the proper amount was credited.

As it turns out, ACH transfers are reversible, unlike bank wires. That’s the downside, the upside is that there is no fee for ACH transfers.

I’m glad that displayed great understanding and took care of the glitch, so that I would not have to record an overpayment in my books. It was an educational glitch, for sure.

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