Had any LLLL .com domains? Prepare to be spammed for a long time

The good news: Long term holders of LLLL .com domains are seeing their investments appreciate, as throngs of – allegedly – Chinese domain investors are snapping up these assets.

The bad news: Someone ran a WHOIS of all LLLL .com permutations, and has been sharing the database.

What this means: Even if you sell, or if you plan to sell your domains now – it’s a sellers’ market – be prepared to continue being spammed for a long time.

The spammers that are currently sending email “inquiries” with lowball offers to every LLLL .com owner under the sun, aren’t querying the domains in real time.

Instead, they are using a database created at some point; due to the amount of activity in recent weeks and months, the WHOIS data is apparently stale.

Just like the offers these spamming morons provide.

What are the best marketplaces to maximize the ROI of your LLLL .com domains?

  • Domain forums. As I am no longer an active member of DNForum, I recommend NamePros and their “liquid domains” segment. There are some very decent offers being made there.
  • Private investors. If you are familiar with the buying patterns of large portfolio holders, you can reach out to them – if you’re prepared to sell domains in bulk.
  • Domain brokers stacking up on inventory. You might be pleasantly surprised by the prices they’re willing to pay.
  • Auction venues: Sedo, Flippa, GoDaddy, Afternic. Each one has its own dedicated followship. Check the current auction results before committing.

Whether this short domain madness continues long term, remains to be seen.

If you acquired your LLLL .com domains for between reg fee to a couple of hundred, expect to get a great return on your investment, particularly for domains that contain no vowels or the letter “V”.

Personally, I’m liquidating my “Chinese premium letters” keeping the “poor” letter quartets for the companies of the Western hemisphere, that have always paid four to five figures, regardless of the Chinese market shenanigans.


  1. “spamming morons”+”madness”+”Chinese market shenanigans” lol
    Thanks for the good news! 🙂

  2. Low quality LLLL.com with prices below $500 will be in the past soon.
    Checked on Godaddy today and found only 54 left where BIN < $500

  3. I’ve been trying to sell Ivun.com for a long time with no success. Oh well.

  4. I wanna buy some LLLL .com domains.
    Do you want to sell?
    I have not sent any spam to anyone. I only buy it via forums.

  5. I find it so interesting how much these 4 letter .coms just caught fire. Someone brought it to my attention that Frank Schilling sold a lot of 2,000 of these for 3 million. This shows me he is taking advantage of the current market big time an liquidating.

    In my mind definitely a smart move because like you mentioned not sure how much higher their value will be in the long term. Although many people believe the value will keep rising just like it was for 3 letter .coms..

    – Will

  6. I think they hold good value. I’ve got DVZT.com for sale now on eBay (in my name link) and I’m open to reasonable offers.

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