HL2.com: LLN and LNN domain availability lists

Two decades ago I was busy hand-registering domains from droplists provided by DomainsBot, an excellent daily email service. The rush for daily drops was competitive among those targeting dictionary words but the market was wide open for seemingly "random" combinations of letter/letter/number and … [Read more...]

Had any LLLL .com domains? Prepare to be spammed for a long time

The good news: Long term holders of LLLL .com domains are seeing their investments appreciate, as throngs of - allegedly - Chinese domain investors are snapping up these assets. The bad news: Someone ran a WHOIS of all LLLL .com permutations, and has been sharing the database. What this means: … [Read more...]

Short and aged domains wanted – Budget $xx – $xxx

Very rarely - if ever - do I post twice on the same day. But a "domains wanted" thread over at DNForum made me scramble enough material for yet another domain-related rant. What the heck, it's also Friday. So when a buyer posts about their budget being in the "$xx - low $xxx" range, one would … [Read more...]

The 1980s and the 2000s – LL.com domains registered in both eras

Who would have thought, back in the 80's, that an online network of interconnected computers would be used one day to relay information, almost unrestricted around the globe? Surely, the oldest domain registered, Symbolics.com, is a landmark in the history of "manual" domain registrations and … [Read more...]

Brute-forcing the future: LLLLLLLLLL .com’s

Six or seven years ago, I saw a market for short, easy to memorize .com domains. Short, as in 3 characters in length, including one or more numbers; because the LLL .com namespace was long gone. I wrote a Perl script that would go through all the permutations of 000 to ZZZ - all 46,656 of them … [Read more...]