How to do bulk domain transfers out of

After several years of using, I made the decision to bid them farewell.

My decision was based on several parameters, including providing timely responsiveness to tickets, which declined in recent years.

Another issue has been the non-reversal of DNS settings upon renewing a domain that expired just a few days prior. This is an inconvenience that should not be there, and despite promises it wasn’t fixed.

A third issue is the use of email bounces for domains that use nameservers; they get monetized using – formerly, – without any compensation for my domain traffic, or an option to opt out altogether.

My primary domain registrar of choice has been Uniregistry for new registrations, and now for transfers.

Getting domains out of Fabulous is not hard; one unlocks the domain, gets the auth code at the same window and uses the info at the gaining registrar.

When moving dozens of domains out, however, the bulk unlock and transfer at has been hiding itself at a place it does not belong to.

How does one go about transferring domains in bulk away from Fabulous?

Navigate to Transfer Status on the left, then once there, scroll down the list of domains that might exist from prior transfers; at the bottom, click on the link that says “Unlock domains in bulk.

At that page, you can enter a list of up to 1,000 domains that you want to transfer out in bulk; there is a drop down option to unlock (or lock) the domain, and an authorization code that will apply to all domains.

Despite the need for a manual copy/pasting of the domains you need to transfer out in bulk, at least you only need one auth code. Use that at the gaining registrar alongside each domain you are transferring.


  1. I agree on all issues above so I have made the same decision to leave Fabulous.

  2. I have been thinking about leaving fabulous as well. is not even secure, forcing me to use secure.fabulous to log in. i am not sure about uniregistry though. not sure if i trust a registrar run by a domainer.

  3. JZ – You must be new to the game then.

  4. One thing i did like about fabulous is the auto approval of transfers. One less thing to do but after looking into it, uniregistry does look pretty good.

  5. I have been using FABULOUS since 1994 for parking. I transferred all my own names from ENOM to Fabulous a year ago (ENOM raised reseller prices last April and I saved thousands of dollars just in one year). I lost trust in ENOM years ago primarily because of the unjustified reseller pricing increases. Fabulous has an API interface that I believe could be used to restore DNS after late renewal of expired domains. I use my own offline tools to manage domains and their renewals. What I did not checked is whether parked domains revert to credit the owner’s account or Fabulous own account because I did not let them to expire. It is my understanding that Fabulous has limited staff resources but they keep pricing acceptable to me.

  6. Helpful article. I would have to agree with you about Fabulous. Personally, I’ve never really liked their customer control panel. This is one registrar that hasn’t made a single change to their website/customer control panel in what feels like forever.

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