Uniregistry to GoDaddy transition: Few glitches, how do services compare?

Today I woke up to an email from Uniregistry, informing me that my portfolio of domain names was successfully migrated to GoDaddy. To complete the transition and take control of it, I had to take control of a new account number and set up a password. In the process, I had to verify my email … [Read more...]

Network Solutions : Going against the grain of UX norm

The domain inventory of Network Solutions has been diminishing, since the introduction of competitive domain registrars. The once dreaded $35 dollar fee for .com registrations has dropped to the sub $10 range, but even to this day, NetSol attempts to make it difficult for its customers to … [Read more...]

How to do bulk domain transfers out of Fabulous.com

After several years of using Fabulous.com, I made the decision to bid them farewell. My decision was based on several parameters, including providing timely responsiveness to tickets, which declined in recent years. Another issue has been the non-reversal of DNS settings upon renewing a domain … [Read more...]

Premium gTLD domain transfers require manual intervention at eNom

I've been using eNom for more than a decade and maintain a portion of my domain portfolio there. When it comes down to gTLD pricing, particularly for Donuts, Inc. domains, eNom appears to offer the lowest prices, along with great domain management features. With some early gTLDs less than 90 … [Read more...]

Moniker: All is quiet on the domain transfer front

Whenever I acquire domains, I usually transfer them from their 'random' registrar to my primary one, Fabulous, as soon as possible. Sometimes, though, I forget and the domains remain with their respective registrar until it's time for renewal. Last week, I initiated the transfer of a few … [Read more...]