ICANN needs to control gTLD domain Registries that spam

ICANN has been making a nice $185,000 dollars from every gTLD applicant, and the gift keeps on giving every year thereafter.

I expressed my support for the expansion of the Internet namespace, ever since it went into effect, believing in meaningful keyword+gTLD pairs that offer a great service to consumers.

That being said, I detest spam, particularly when it’s clear that it targets me without any reason whatsoever.

The .GDN Registry is based in Dubai, and caught my attention with their fear-mongering campaign for a gTLD I have absolutely no use for.

Several weeks later, these idiots and their marketing “genius” flooded my mailbox with more than two dozen email copies.

They emailed WHOIS-protected emails at Uniregistry, most likely using the serial number flaw I’ve reported in the past.


As far as I know, the dot .GDN Registry is the only one that has reached out to domain owners in such a brazen attempt to sell its warez.

Not only I don’t have any interest in registering dot .GDN domains, but I would love to see ICANN slap the GDN Registry with a heavy fine, and a potential freezing of their gTLD until they cease and desist from sending out spam.

Domain owners do not have to opt out from such unsolicited email campaigns, and gTLD Registries should not be exempt from following the professional rules of engagement.


  1. I have received the same spam as well as constant spam from other registries like .top.


  2. I can certainly understand that customers are not rushing in to buy their poor product.
    What were they thinking ?

    A spam that has an opening line like: “Dear Trademark Holder” reminds us all this it is about extortion – and you are the target.

    By the way what does GDN mean ? According to http://www.nic.gdn/
    .GDN = “Global Domain Name”
    .name has got a poor cousin. Hilarious but sad.

    And wow they have ONE accredited registrar on board.

    GooDNight GDN. Sleep well.

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