More money, more problems

The saying goes, the more money one has, the more problems they are facing.

I am not exactly sure this is 100% accurate, however.

An offer via Sedo for a generic I own, matched the usual lowball amount of $60.

That would leave me with $10 after Sedo’s 20% commission. 😀 No thanks.

My subsequent mid $x,xxx counter-offer was rejected by the Saudi person, and that made me wonder if those oilfields under the vast dunes of Saudi Arabia are getting dry fast. Or is it that the more money one has, the stingier they become?

No idea.

Meanwhile, check out what this megalomaniac sheikh from Abu Dhabi did with his name.


  1. on the internets anybody can be a saudi prince.

  2. I own, does that mean…..? LOL

  3. You would think by now sedo would have amended this ratio of a $60 sale , what a joke

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