NamesCon 2017 interview : Behind the scenes photos

The NamePros folks did a great job interviewing Konstantinos and I, during NamesCon 2017.

A full year passed by, and although I will miss this year’s event, Konstantinos is attending, so make sure you meet and greet him at NamesCon 2018, that starts today. A bit of caution: he’s a pool hustler.

The RightOfTheDot live auction is scheduled for Tuesday, with lots of premium domains awaiting to break an auction record.

Edward Zeiden, managing director of NamePros, sent me a few “behind the scenes” photos from the interview. Unfortunately, no bloopers are included.

Everyone who is attending NamesCon will have the opportunity to network with hundreds of industry professionals, from around the world.

Have fun at the event, and don’t be ashamed to use antibacterial lotion after each handshake – it’s the flu season – or go Japanese and bow to each other. 😀

~ Theo Develegas / Acroplex LLC.

Theo Develegas - NamesCon 2017

Theo Develegas - NamesCon 2017

Theo Develegas - NamesCon 2017


  1. Hey! I am not a pool hustler!
    I always say to everyone I am playing against that they are going down! Hard!

  2. Kosta – Sprechen sie Deutsch? 😀

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