No .domains for me

Dot .domains enters general availability in two days. I have not registered any domains in that gTLD and won’t be doing so.

The reason is simple: unless your business name ends in “domains”, or you are in the direct domain brokerage business, this particular gTLD is more of an “inner circle” badge.

Surely, Mike Berkens secured because it matches his company brand; other notable registrations include, and – all great for what they can deliver as developed web sites.

As far as gTLDs are concerned, my personal focus is in wider markets, outside of the core domaining business. On the other hand, if you operate a registrar reseller business or delve in domains on a regular basis, this could be an opportunity to build a new brand, something that I’m not interested in at this point.

The expanding universe of available gTLDs requires everyone to define a strategy and diversify their investments. As with every industry and commodity, it is the smart thing to do.


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