Start-up branding advice : Don’t waste money on an unfit domain

Technology start-ups tend to follow trends, as they are often peers to other companies. The addition of geographic proximity, such as companies in the California valley or the Austin tech sector, further increases the chance of corporate mimicking. Overall, it's good to adopt innovative … [Read more...]

Branding : You dictate a domain’s worth, not the market

Unique products are often touted as overpriced, expensive, outlandish - and every other epithet available to describe a high monetary value in a negative manner. And yet, it's the uniqueness of such products that defines their value and price. There are very few things more unique than domain … [Read more...]

Domain auctions : Don’t rely on the seller’s disclaimer

Domain auctions on several venues, such as Sedo and Flippa, come with a detailed description by the seller. Typically, a domain listing's description might contain information on the domain's qualities. Such details could be age, marketability, comparable sales figures, or statistics about the … [Read more...]

We are a start-up and can’t afford five figures

Every time I receive an inquiry for a domain name best suited for a start-up or a product, I face the same dilemma. Do I quote the maximum valuation price for the domain, or do I give them a break? This dilemma stems from a statement that is often part of the response to a quote: We are a … [Read more...]

Consumers care about brands

The consumer world runs on brands. Household names are associated with products and services, not because of their dot or TLD, but because of the creative part that tags them. Products and services are in turn familiar items due to relentless advertising, that generates familiarity with the name. … [Read more...]