Premium gTLD domain transfers require manual intervention at eNom

I’ve been using eNom for more than a decade and maintain a portion of my domain portfolio there.

When it comes down to gTLD pricing, particularly for Donuts, Inc. domains, eNom appears to offer the lowest prices, along with great domain management features.

With some early gTLDs less than 90 days from renewal, I decided to transfer them from another registrar to eNom.

The transfer of a premium domain failed, citing “incorrect pricing”, as it did not identify the price as being truly premium.

This is not an issue related to the losing registrar, where the domain could be renewed instantly, albeit at a higher price.

Apparently, there is no existing method of automating the transfer process of premium gTLDs to eNom, currently. Although support mentioned this will be resolved in the future, there is no estimate on how soon it will happen.

In order to transfer the domain, I had to unlock it and provided the authentication code via my support ticket to eNom. They initiated the transfer and the domain ended up in my eNom account, debiting my balance by the premium amount.

There was no problem transferring to eNom non-premium gTLD domains.

For those domain investors who own large gTLD portfolios that include premium-priced domains, this might be an issue, so keep that in mind as the process is currently manual.


  1. This is going to be a huge issue in about 60 days if they aren’t proactive about it. Many of us have had issues for a few weeks now, thanks, for bringing it to light.

    These are the types of kinks that are going unnoticed by the people who are paid to be responsible for such movements.

  2. Tom – Just to be clear, this is about inbound transfers of premium gTLDs (eg domains that have higher annual pricing than the standard rate). But I agree, automating that part is a necessity.

    I don’t know if this is a Registrar <-> Donuts issue in general, when I contacted Donuts they asked me to handle it with the registrars involved.

  3. Godaddy and Enom are both unequipped to transfer “premium” new GTLD’s at this time, most likely all registrars…There is no automation for the new “premium price command” for a gaining registrar there by rejecting the EPP….Engineers are working on this, but at this time, unable to code transfer automation…..

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