QR codes: Now, invisible

QR code

Technology evolves daily. The type of evolution that I particularly enjoy learning about, is that of existing standards.

QR codes have been around for almost 20 years, and yet they just seem to have taken off due to the explosive growth of smart phone ownership.

The cryptic squares can take one to a web site or convert to a special text message even; the immediate conversion of a visible QR code to a destination on the Internet is definitely fascinating.

Enter, the invisible QR codes, a step towards seamless integration of security and validation onto traditional media such as bank notes or documents.

By embedding those faint, yet scannable QR codes onto official or valuable materials, one can check their authenticity and can efficiently block their replication and counterfeiting.

Invisible QR codes are thus an important step to a validation of tangible items, using a combination of invisible inks and intelligent QR readers.

Will this be the next trend in domain registrations as well?


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