Sales privacy: Another reason Internet Traffic is better than Sedo

One of the most popular blog posts is about why I ditched Sedo as my PPC and sales venue, after 8 years of on-off ‘abusive’ relationship.

Into the 3rd month of using Internet Traffic, and while PPC does fluctuate, sales are wholesome.

And that’s another reason Internet Traffic is better than Sedo: sales aren’t revealed to the public – unless there is a reason to.

At Sedo, one actually had to pay a commission on top of the sales fees, in order to keep the sale private!

I recall that a buyer got very irate with me, when they paid the Sedo “tax” and discovered that I was aware of the selling price, which I disclosed on “the other blog“. 😉

Remember folks, public auctions at Sedo are public; anyone can follow them and view their closing price.

Currently, Internet Traffic only reveals key sales to DNJournal, and that’s great. I feel that I can keep some sales private and disclose others at will, instead of seeing them on the Sedo lists.

Wishing best of success to all domain investors for the new year!


  1. The format by internet traffic is by far the best. Opens up new opp for buying names. Along with Rick’s leasing opp this whole industry is changing. Very exciting.

    I dislike to see other domain blogs even compare who is better, then at the same time they advertise the other PPC platforms on the their own site. What???

    They should not do an article who is better if they are advertising for that company, it is a conflict of interest. I just have to laugh. This is where you are different no advertising means you’re really give your true opinion.

    Just IMO 🙂


  2. Donny – Happy new year’s wishes, and thank you. No ads on this blog, it’s a repository of thoughts and findings.

  3. Jon Feldman says

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    Thanks for the good tips!

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