You might be in possession of stolen domains

If you casually acquire domain names off lists, auctions or even domain investors beware: some of these domains might be stolen property. Last week, a domain auction that was advertised on blogs, social media, and even, was terminated. The domain was stolen from its rightful … [Read more...]

A little bit of Sedo Magic!

This June it will be my 7th year using the services of Sedo for parking, selling and buying domain names.  While PPC has had its ups and downs, domain sales have never been stronger. It's not just the volume of sales, it's the ability of Sedo to use its best asset: its people. Potential buyers … [Read more...]

Selling ice to the Eskimos: Why domain auctions are a waste of time

I like social gatherings. Parties, conferences, meetings, galas. It's part of my personality and nature, as I am eager to communicate, to reach out to others and exchange ideas and share information. Plus, the drinks, food and further "opportunities" are there, especially when one is single. A … [Read more...]