Domain security : Password protect your USB drive

When traveling, whether it's to attend domain name conferences or for leisure, make sure all your digital devices are safe and secure. At the turn of the new year, I took a trip to Puerto Rico; a great place, where the food is delicious and the people and island waters are warm year-round. A … [Read more...]


Welcome to the brave new domaining world, devoid of actual WHOIS information. The GDPR is officially the most damaging bureaucratic concoction ever created about digital information, effectively dividing the Internet into two large zones: one available to Eurozone members, and one that can be … [Read more...]

You might be in possession of stolen domains

If you casually acquire domain names off lists, auctions or even domain investors beware: some of these domains might be stolen property. Last week, a domain auction that was advertised on blogs, social media, and even, was terminated. The domain was stolen from its rightful … [Read more...]

Moniker password reset points to apparent mass hacking of accounts

Four months ago I moved my last remaining domain away from Moniker. The timing was apparently right, as today I received notifications of a forced password reset via email. While these emails were legitimately sent out, they ended up in my spam folder, which does not reflect positively on … [Read more...]

Plain text passwords in emails?

An ICANN accredited registrar affiliated with SnapNames, is currently sending usernames and passwords in plain text - via email, no less. SnapNames is using several small registrars to split its drop-catching resources, and this particular registrar clearly violates security procedures. After … [Read more...]