Stolen domain names : The ethics of brokering stolen assets

Domain names have been stolen since the early days of the commercial Internet. The most known case involves the hijacking of, a domain that was "milked" for its traffic, before it was returned via a court order to its registrant. There are thousands of domain names that have been stolen … [Read more...]

Domain crime : Sometimes, the owner does not want to be found

Fifteen years ago, a Network Solutions flaw cost me a domain, albeit temporarily. That domain theft incident led me to research the proliferation of domain crime, and its processes. For the past dozen years I've been following, reporting, exposing and assisting with the return of domains that … [Read more...]

You might be in possession of stolen domains

If you casually acquire domain names off lists, auctions or even domain investors beware: some of these domains might be stolen property. Last week, a domain auction that was advertised on blogs, social media, and even, was terminated. The domain was stolen from its rightful … [Read more...]

Domain theft: Should you disclose it, or be quiet about it?

One of the most interesting discussions I had, in the aftermath of the Moniker mass hacking of customer accounts, was related to disclosing domain theft incidents. While it has been a personal subject of consideration, I did not have the opportunity to analyze my position, so hopefully this post … [Read more...]

Domain theft is a threat to your business

A major Internet publication is currently working on an extensive article covering the theft of domains, and they reached out to consult me on such incidents. Over the course of a dozen or so years, I've assisted with the identification and recovery of roughly twenty domains, in more than ten … [Read more...]