Verify domain ownership before placing a bid on a domain auction

I'm an impulsive domain buyer, and I've made that clear in every venue or domain forum that I participate at. When a great deal is presented, time is often of the essence. As much as one must seize an opportunity, the associated risk can be costly. Imagine bidding on, and winning a domain … [Read more...]

The End is in fact another Beginning

Less than a week ago, I emphasized the importance of having an exit strategy as part of a business plan. Foreseeing the future is not easy; predicting the impact of changing course is easier. The news about the demise of the Bido service arrived in 'shock and awe' waves yesterday; most domainers … [Read more...]

Tap into today’s real estate market with

While some of us count down the time until tropical storm Fay leaves Florida behind, there are only about 12 hours left until goes on sale on Bido. Not to let this intro go without citing my home state again, the Real Estate market in Florida has been hit particularly bad; homeowners … [Read more...]