Verify domain ownership before placing a bid on a domain auction

I'm an impulsive domain buyer, and I've made that clear in every venue or domain forum that I participate at. When a great deal is presented, time is often of the essence. As much as one must seize an opportunity, the associated risk can be costly. Imagine bidding on, and winning a domain … [Read more...]

Domain auctions: Transparency is a must

As an active bidder on NameJet since 2007, I've converted many such acquisitions into sizable sales. My strategy of holding long pays off; the auctions can run into the low thousands but the expected ROI crosses the five digit threshold when they are sold. One thing I am peculiar about, is … [Read more...]

Oversee: Reinstate all Snapnames auction history immediately!

Half-measures require full responses. When Oversee announced today that a former employee of Snapnames was defrauding thousands of customers via means of shill bidding at domain auctions, they promised that the ongoing investigation would end with issuing refunds plus interest. There is no … [Read more...]