Ghost domains after eNom hands over registrars to Network Solutions

Late last month I pointed out how Network Solutions acquired a group of drop-catching registrars owned by eNom. The list of ICANN-accredited registrars were used by SnapNames to allocate resources to, in order to catch domains. Today, July 12th, SnapNames utilized Network Solutions as the … [Read more...]

Network Solutions can now merge user accounts

Network Solutions is the original domain registrar, and although the days of $35 dollar /year .com registrations are gone, it retains a large number of domains under management. When I registered my first domain in February 1997 with them, I actually had to fork out $100 for two years; the extra … [Read more...]

SnapNames under management: What will change is a technology incubator based in Jacksonville, Florida - a city with a huge sprawl and a lively metro, that I enjoyed living in. As a personal parenthesis, I've great memories from Jax, some of which I shared in this documentary about stolen domain names; at some point, I even owned … [Read more...]

Pool kicks SnapNames in the gonads

For domains that are scheduled for deletion, Pool has the upper hand over SnapNames. Time and again, I've found that if I back-order a domain at both, Pool wins it 100% of the time. If I use SnapNames only, then I either lose the domain to a private label drop-catcher, or SnapNames catches … [Read more...]

I’m taking the Snapnames rebate and here’s why …

The current argument over the Snapnames rebate seems to be that there is more than meets the eye in the recent Nelson "Halvarez" Brady scandal. Both victims and non-victims of the "Hank Alvarez" scam, which materialized while he was a VP of Engineering at Snapnames, seem to want a lot more beyond … [Read more...]