Do not rush to agree to a domain sale

As a long-term holder of domain assets I'm not in a particular rush to sell my domains to the first offer that arrives. Offers come and go, and for the most part domains appreciate in value with time. Even when a reasonable offer is made, it should be the right offer for a particular domain in … [Read more...]

Domain inquiry : A buyer went for the gTLD, and I’m fine with that

I've been a keen supporter of the new gTLD system since its launch two years ago. It is the evolution of an Internet name space that was densely occupied by those that ventured into domain investing early on. While I still invest in and support the original TLD triad, .com, .net and .org, I … [Read more...]

An early “thank you” to Richard Lau & Team for NamesCon

NamesCon 2016 is a few days away, and I'm excited to be arriving in Las Vegas this coming Saturday. This will be my 4th domain conference in Vegas since 2010, and the 3rd time attending Richard Lau's superb creation. I'm well aware of the fact that Richard did not magically create this … [Read more...]

Numbers and figures : The psychology of domain bidding

Bidding on domain names in public - or private - auctions, is a process that requires certain elements to be present, as part of a successful strategy. To begin with, domains that are promoted extensively or prominently, most often don't fall in the "great deal" category. They are simply chosen … [Read more...]

Perfect numbers revisited Part Deux: 360 and 100

I've followed the seemingly cryptic obsession of the Chinese for Arabic numerals for years. Around 2002, at a time that I was investing in short LLN and LNN .com domains that were available to register en masse, a very smart domainer lady shared with me the information that seems to be less of a … [Read more...]