Domainer Shrinkage: Is your universe collapsing?

A few months ago I implored Rick Schwartz to consider making TRAFFIC an invitation-only event, once again. That conversation generated quite a bit of feedback and obviously invited opinions for and against the argument. In today's blog post, Rick stated that his intention of getting domainers … [Read more...]

Unethical tax measure thrown out of the window

Just four days ago I wrote about how a controversial new indirect taxation would affect thousands of .GR domains and their cash-starved operators; most of them Greek entrepreneurs operating portals, news web sites and forums. That indirect taxation - called "aggeliosimo" - was meant to be an … [Read more...]

Greek Government kills Entrepreneurship under the .GR TLD

What is worse than having inept leaders? To answer that question, one has to take a look at the number of anti-social measures stacked together onto a gigantic law up for vote this coming week at the Greek parliament. Hit by a ballooning debt that was inflated by financial games played upon … [Read more...]

Every Domainer needs a Sabbatical

My definition of a Sabbatical is the soul-searching break from a world that is polluted with technology and inhuman interactions. Humans - more often than what we think - need a break from the things that appear to offer instant gratification and to perform tasks that allow us to interact with … [Read more...]

Would have, could have, should have: The wrong mentality in domaining

The Lotto numbers came up and they matched yours, only problem is you didn't play them. Ten years ago you could still buy generic domains at a fraction of the cost that they sold recently. Too bad you had no idea and no cash back then. Two weeks ago you had a brilliant project idea that you … [Read more...]