Cast Away: Mike Robertson’s “Wilson” moment for a good cause!

This is an exclusive picture of Mike Robertson - Business Development Manager for Dark Blue Sea and Mike has been growing a beard for more than three weeks now, in order to help raise awareness about the devastating floods in Queensland, Australia. Not only has Mike's campaign … [Read more...]

Domainers & Australian floods – Please donate!

As a followup to a post made on, I'm asking for all domainers to donate to the relief fund for the flood victims of Australia: The catastrophic floods in Australia exceed in area 1 million square kilometers – or about 4 times the affected area of hurricane Katrina. It’s an area so … [Read more...]

You are a Domain Redneck if …

Perhaps I have high expectations from people; I engage in communications with a polite, friendly tone. When someone makes several attempts to get in touch, I assume they are looking for dialogue, not mud-wrestling. Alas, this is often quite far from the truth. Yesterday, I received a call from … [Read more...]

Why you should get rid of your ‘Domainer’ title

A few days ago I explained why I don't consider myself a domainer, a title and word that has yet to make any dictionary. Simply put, the activity surrounding 'domaining' is not only misunderstood to those outside of the industry, it's also often distorted and abused by those in it. Allow me to … [Read more...]

Seriously folks, who is drop-catching these?

There's a new trend in the domain community: to dip crud in gold and promote it as if it were Aztec treasure. While that epidermis of gold might look attractive, it's actually *described* as attractive - all while it isn't. Epik aspires to be the next one-stop-shop for the hordes of frustrated … [Read more...]