PayPal dispute nightmare : Another reason to use

PayPal is well-established as a digital vehicle for sending and receiving payments. It's adopted by millions of consumers, and over the course of almost 20 years it has adjusted its policies to better serve them. Still, there are issues that can creep up most unexpectedly. A recent payment … [Read more...]

Got overpaid at

As a happy customer of for the past 15 years, I can only say that they always strive to improve their services. In the rare occasion that I faced an issue, support and management jumped in to resolve it to my satisfaction. And throughout this 15-year tenure, they offered … [Read more...]

Kudos to for salvaging a domain sale on my behalf

I can't thank enough for salvaging a domain sale for me, recently. It all started with an agreed upon sale via the Uniregistry Market. The domain, a single word .ORG, was sold to a Chinese buyer who then disappeared once I started escrow. Communications via the Uniregistry messaging … [Read more...]

Blockchain domains : What sells, and what doesn’t

New technologies, such as blockchain, offer the opportunity to diversify one's investments into real applications leveraging old problems. During MERGE! 2017 I was able to accumulate a lot of hands-on information, on how existing systems such as inventory, contractual agreements and real estate … [Read more...] : A few details on the Secure Domain Name Holding process offers a secure domain name holding process, that is a perfect fit for domain sales made via installments. When a domain buyer is unable to come up with the funds for a domain up front, not everything is lost. Entrepreneurs, start-ups and anyone desiring a particular domain name, … [Read more...]