A domain Escrow process for non-profits : Autism.Rocks aftershocks

It seems that the domain community is "up in arms" about the way the sale of Autism.Rocks was handled by Sedo. Fact-checking isn't always the norm in the domainer village, and Sedo was quickly demonized over their 15% sales fee charge instead of a 3% escrow charge. A lot of "hindsight 20/20" … [Read more...]

How I sold a domain I didn’t plan to sell

As the old saying goes, "everything has a price tag", and while I generally agree, not everything needs to display that tag prominently. Investing in domain names doesn't always come with the purpose to resell. Even long term investments can change into becoming selling opportunities, despite the … [Read more...]

Escrow.com ticket response breaks new ground

I do not respond to domain inquiries during the weekend. It's a personal choice, and it gives both myself and the potential buyer the opportunity to think things over for 48 hours or so. Obviously, weekends are also meant to be used as time to tone down from the weekly work load. In the past, … [Read more...]

Domain Name Sales and GoDaddy Escrow update

Two weeks ago, I reported yet another positive experience with a domain sale that facilitated via the Domain Name Sales brokerage, and by utilizing GoDaddy as the escrow. The transaction was an assigned brokered sale that did not originate at GoDaddy. Because the amount involved exceeded … [Read more...]

Ten years already: My extended testimonial about Escrow.com

Owen Frager made an eye-opening post yesterday, about generic domains - and how corporate procedures and bureaucratic minds can make or break a brand. My personal testimonial about Escrow.com, as used in Owen's article, was as follows: "For almost a decade, Escrow.com has remained the champion … [Read more...]