ICANN should establish its global humanitarian reach

ICANN51 in Los Angeles brings together technocrats, entrepreneurs and other bright-minded individuals, in a gathering that projects ample lavishness despite recent cuts in spending. And yet, the agenda of such a large organization with a cash reserve in the hundreds of millions of dollars and a … [Read more...]

Domain ownership a hot topic during ICANN 51 conference in Los Angeles

ICANN has expanded the Internet namespace with the introduction of the new gTLDs; this dramatic growth in all directions - a digital Big Bang - dictates that some urgent housekeeping must be performed on existing TLDs. Domains are not treated like property currently, and yet they are bought and … [Read more...]

End-users register what they want, domainers register what they believe end-users want

There seems to be a disconnect between the mindset of a domainer and that of an end-user. Domainers seem to be preoccupied with a book of logic and assumptions, some of which are erroneous or outdated. In the world of end-user domain buyers, anything goes: they use exotic ccTLDs, dashes, two … [Read more...]

ICANN has just complicated domain transfers

If you are actively involved in selling domain names, ICANN's 'gift' for the new year, 2014, is an increase of your workload. As of January 1st, 2014, all changes to a contact's email must be verified and the process is enforced by the domain registrars. The problem: there is no uniformity in … [Read more...]

Thank you, Mike!

In a recent post, Mike Berkens of The Domains, explains in candid detail the process that took him from being in opposition of the gTLD program, to supporting it. Mike's not just another prolific domain blogger, he's an expert domain investor with 75,000 domain names and possesses a law degree to … [Read more...]