Don’t park your domains if they’re listed at NameJet

Last month, Shane Cultra of posted a report about how Sedo temporarily closed his account due to suspicious traffic activity. The culprit turned out to be domains that he had listed for sale on NameJet but which were still parked at Sedo. Something systematically clicked on these … [Read more...]

NameJet and Pre-Release domains: an on-going Fiasco

I've been using NameJet for the past 3 years; I don't want to even think of the exact amount of money I've spent on old NetSol/ domains auctioned there, but it's in the mid-five figure range. Another registrar that "tosses" its domains onto NameJet is eNom; a domain that was in … [Read more...]

Can an expired domain make you a millionaire?

While most great domain names are already taken, hundreds - if not thousands - expire daily. Some of these domains belong to the old batch of registrations, particularly with Network Solutions or Aged domains have one extra benefit: a lot of them were businesses once, some more … [Read more...]

Namejet as a Trojan Horse: The sacking of Four Valuable domains while paying for only one

Here's the summary for the impatient: The domains,, and are currently in the hands of a person who took control of a managing domain's account and impersonated its owner. I'm sure you want the juicy details, so please bear with me for a while, as I take … [Read more...]

Lost in the abyss between Namejet and Netsol

Namejet's utilization of the Network Solutions pre-release service has created an aftermarket for really old domains that expired and were not renewed. Instead of dropping them, Netsol offers them up on auction. Several people, myself included, go through the pre-release lists for domains of value: … [Read more...]