Domain auctions : If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again

As an active domain investor, I maximize my domain portfolio's potential by offering it on select domain auction venues. In recent months, a small, hand-curated group of domains has been auctioned at NameJet, a venue that I've been using since 2007. What's interesting about these auctions, is … [Read more...]

NameJet works great as a domain selling venue

I've recently listed and sold a small group of quality domain names on NameJet, utilizing their public auction venue. I'm very happy with the results, and for having the ability to follow the ongoing auction live, through the NameJet system. It can be entertaining as well. :D The way it works: … [Read more...]

Domain auctions : Prompt support from NameJet

I've been a member of NameJet since 2007, having spent a pretty dollar acquiring premium domains in the secondary market. My primary focus has been that of aged, .com domains that are dictionary words, two word composites and brandables. I don't discount .net and .org domains, they hold their … [Read more...]

NameJet: Still a top venue for savvy domain investors

I've been using NameJet for the past 5 years; investing thousands of dollars in aged, quality .com, .net and .org domains. The sweet spot seems to be two-word .com domains, a practice that Frank Schilling ascribed to since his early investment days. NameJet is an excellent repository of such … [Read more...]

Pump up the domain jam

Domain investor, Abdu Tarabichi, made an interesting post at his blog, regarding bidders that inflate prices at domain auctions. According to information relayed to Abdu, certain participants of those auctions engage in the 'noble sport' of bidding up auctions they cannot otherwise afford, just … [Read more...]