Scammers at the parking lot; scammers online

As I was putting the groceries into the trunk of my car today, a nice looking lady in her mid 40's approached me. She was well-dressed, at least by Florida standards and considering the temperature was in the low 90's. I thought she wanted some sort of assistance, when she started with "Sir, sorry … [Read more...]

Sedo scammers take advantage of email predictability

It was in early 2000 when one of my few - back then - domains got hijacked by a Turkish hacker. He picked that particular domain because it's a very common Greek cussword, shared equally among our eastern neighbors. The domain was registered with Network Solutions, which offered back then an update … [Read more...]

Buying domains with other people’s money

From behind the iron curtain of a middle Eastern nation known for its anti-American sentiment, a self-proclaimed hacker seems to be the perpetrator of a series of recent, high profile purchases of domains - using stolen credit cards. Using proxy servers located in Iraq, he took control of a … [Read more...]