Three reasons why I like Mike Mann’s attitude in life

I do not define a man’s worth by their accomplishments in life.

It’s not who they are and what have achieved; what matters to me is how they got there and how they stand, as people, if their title and status were to be stripped off.

Mike Mann is well known for his domain portfolio, investments in the domain industry – including the uber-domain – and for the non-profit incentive.

At some point, I became concerned and baffled, due to his personal life being exposed – by no other than himself – and despite the initial shock, I realized that it was a man’s agony over the single most important “product” in life: his child.

That’s one thing I admire in people, and it’s fighting the good fight. In a game where the opponent plays a dirty fight, one must remain above the mud and the low blows. The truth shines above any dark cloud and as long as one sticks to the truth, they shall prevail.

On Friday, I started reading Mike Mann’s book “Make Millions and Make Change!” which I downloaded as a PDF from his web site, Reading hurts my eyes after a while, and because I didn’t want to put down this emotionally-charged but pragmatic publication, I started listening to the audio book, also available for free from Mike Mann’s web site.

And that’s another thing I like in people: sharing their life’s experiences, for free. If it were not for those individuals that share their successes and failures with others, it would take each and everyone of us several hundred lifetimes to achieve any progress on our own. Imagine, having to re-invent the wheel, daily.

After reading Mike Mann’s book in a single go over the weekend – a rare feat for me – I was left with a combination of amazement and epiphany. The amazement part was related to the sheer, honest simplicity of how things work in life but how badly we ignore the knowledge bestowed upon us by others. The epiphany part was even stronger; it was a sensation that by letting another moment pass by, not materializing what I had learned from this book, I would be undoing all of its benefits.

The third thing I outlined from this book is the reference to using your position, at any moment during your course to achieve success, finding the time to donate, to contribute – to shake hands with strangers that need a little bit of support; to acknowledge their own separate route in life.

By reading Mike Mann’s book you might have a different reaction, positive or negative. But you won’t know, unless you finish it – cover to cover.

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  1. Great read from a domaining GIANT 🙂

  2. Incidentally, I am holding now Bill Tancer’s book, “Click,” where it talks about Gary Kremen, the original owner of (and his more than a decade legal battle with Stephen Michael Cohen who allegedly stole the domain from him way back 1995). So how did Mike Mann got it? Lol. Out of topic. :p

    Anyway, thanks for the recommendation. I like reading stuff like this as evident in my book collection…Currently downloading both PDF and audio. Let’s see what the Mann’s made of. -)

  3. I had come across this book once before, and I thought, it looks like a good read, but just another how-to book i don’t have time for. I’m going to make a point to read it now. thanks for posting on it

  4. Jessica there’s some good info about Mike Mann in

    The Domain Game. The man is a living legend. 🙂

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