Uniregistry domain accounts moving to GoDaddy; one important thing to do

Domain investors with their portfolios still at Uniregistry were informed today that the transition of accounts to GoDaddy will take place in 30 days.

The end of April is thus the end of Uniregistry, following the end of the Uni Market on April 18th. For almost a decade, Uniregistry held the scepter of the most progressive, user-friendly interface and domain management back-end for a public domain registrar.

For a year now, I’ve been moving the bulk of my portfolio to Sav, a great investor-centric registrar. The move out from Uniregistry at the end of April is expected to be smooth; the Uniregistry engineers, along with other GoDaddy employees, are very capable of performing a smooth transition.

The transition will create a new account with fresh credentials at GoDaddy, where you’ll be able to manage your domain names. This move does not count as a registrar transfer; no 60 day lock will take place, and in theory you will be able to transfer out your domains from GoDaddy immediately, should you choose to do so. The Uniregistry email mentions that after transition is complete, you will be able to merge your new account into an existing GoDaddy account.

That being said, there is one important thing left to do at Uniregistry: Create a report of all your domain names still there. This way, if something goes wrong, you can verify that domain list against the list of domains that get moved to your new GoDaddy account.

Exporting a list of your domain names at Uniregistry is very easy.

Go to your domain management and check the box next to the “Domain” header. Click on the drop down that displays the number of domains per page and select “All XXX record” – the system will then highlight your entire domain portfolio. Then select the “Export” option from the navigation and select the “Export XXX domains to CSV” from the drop-down. At that point, you can also include the auth codes with the rest of the information.

Save that CSV somewhere safe and once the transition to GoDaddy takes place, ensure that all your domains are in place.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to have been a part of the Uniregistry family across several domains: as a beta-tester of the registrar, the Uni Market, and the Uniregistry app; as a developer of a keyword-driven template system, and as a writer for the Uniregistry blog along with Jamie Zoch.

As a client, I would like to thank Frank Schilling for creating a fantastic domain management platform, helping me keep my domain portfolio organized and accessible. The Uniregistry brokers worked relentlessly to assist with domain sales, utilizing a great multi-level CRM that even HubSpot would be proud of.

Well then, that’s it. Uniregistry, thank you for being a history maker for the entire domain industry.


  1. Such a shame that the great Uniregistry UI will go to waste.

  2. “As a client, I would like to thank Frank Schilling for creating a fantastic domain management platform, helping me keep my domain portfolio organized and accessible.”

    100% agreed! Still my go to platform. Frank Schilling embodied the definition of Entrepreneur.

  3. Justa Pon says

    It would be nice if they allowed us to export / migrate domain notes, as I’ve 10+ years of information on many thousands of domains. Impossible for me to copy-and-paste for each name…

    Dan.com still survives somewhat, but there’s now an odd delay to lookups that never existed before. Are they making it annoying to use? Of course, Dan.com’s promise of an upcoming “at cost” registrar could still be a great help to many of us, but that dream was smothered. GoDaddy seems a monstrous & clumsy bully.

  4. Justa Pon – Did you use the DN Sales platform? If so, you can use this method to export all your data.

  5. Uni should have been left open for high volume domain holders, one of the best domain products ever developed, and everyone gets migrated to a second rate product, what a joke.

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