Uniregistry domain accounts moving to GoDaddy; one important thing to do

Domain investors with their portfolios still at Uniregistry were informed today that the transition of accounts to GoDaddy will take place in 30 days. The end of April is thus the end of Uniregistry, following the end of the Uni Market on April 18th. For almost a decade, Uniregistry held the … [Read more...]

Uniregistry Bug Squad : Membership is limited

I've been using the Uniregistry domain services since 2012, once domain parking and the selling platform opened to the public. As an early adopter of the platform, I helped test the services provided on their web and application, becoming an official beta-tester. No application is perfect, and … [Read more...]

Is it bad news when Frank Schilling doesn’t bid?

Frank Schilling's active involvement in the domain aftermarket auctions has been covered many times by DomainGang. Fun and games aside, many domainers are curious about how the Canadian late-comer managed to build a successful empire, first registering and then acquiring thousands of top quality … [Read more...]

Want to sell more domains? Make your own landing pages

Shane Cultra's post about increased domain inquiries at Frank Schilling's Internet Traffic outfit, clearly shows something that Sedo and other parking companies need to take note of. The increased number of inquiries and offers aren't due to the beautifully crafted landing pages that Frank … [Read more...]

What Frank Schilling told me – Free of charge

It's always exciting meeting large-impact domainers for the first time. When I first met Rick Schwartz at TRAFFIC in Orlando, I was star-struck; then Rick asked me to simply enjoy the conference and of course its food. It's amazing how those "larger than life" domainers are in fact very … [Read more...]