Uniregistry Market : Domain portfolio additions to Domain Name Sales now instant?

My domain portfolio is mostly available through Domain Name Sales.

While there have been some issues in the past, they typically get resolved quickly and I’m currently into the 4th year of using DNS both for PPC monetization and domain sales.

At the same time, I typically use Uniregistry for registering and managing domain names, although not exclusively. I would say, in 90% of the cases of new domains being registered, I choose them among other domain registrars that I trust.

When I register a domain name, I add it to my portfolio account at Domain Name Sales; that addition used to take a few hours to complete.

Today, seconds after adding a newly registered domain via my DNS account manager, it was successfully accepted. The process was clearly automatic.

I’m very excited, because the notification of addition arrived before the emails of registration at Uniregistry, and that of payment via PayPal arrived!


This is rather impressive, and I’m suspecting that Uniregistry is nearing integration with DNS, as promised by Frank Schilling last year.


  1. Team Uniregistry says

    It is very close, sorry for the wait.

  2. When is the Market going live ??
    been looking forward for it.

  3. When will they release Android app?


  4. when is it come out

    too long. frustrating !

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