Uniregistry Market sale : Hold onto your valuable domain assets long term

It’s not a secret that I hold domains long term. My early days as a domain flipper ended almost 15 years ago.

A decade ago I attended TRAFFIC 2008 in Orlando, and my long-term holding approach of domain names was reinforced.

Along with adopting the Rick Schwartz mantra of “the power of no,” I became more confident in how a well-trimmed domain portfolio can be sustained long term.

My early approach of selling domain names after holding them for five years on average is now extended to a decade or longer. As long as the domain names are generic or brandable, they can be sold for a substantial ROI several years later.

A recent sale via the Uniregistry Market confirmed to me another element of how some companies approach domain name acquisitions: they revisit the same domain a few years later, upping their offer.

The initial offer which I had turned down two years ago was increased substantially.

Still, knowing the value of the particular domain – a two word .com – I declined the updated offer. Instead, I countered at almost twice as much, with a timer ticking. The deadline approach gave the buyer enough incentive to commit to the domain at my asking price, even abandoning their attempt at a lower counter-offer.

The sale was completed with the assistance of the Uniregistry Market brokers, who provided great feedback on the buyer’s responses. I used the Uniregistry Market checkout process, for a transaction close to five figures, as I’ve done in the past.

A fun fact: I responded to the initial inquiry and received the news of closing on the sale, while working out at the gym, on two different occasions. It’s another great example of how the domain market keeps on buzzing around the clock – and you don’t have to skip leg day. 🙂


  1. How much ya bench, bra?

  2. Logan – Less than I did 25 years ago, but more than I did 10 years ago 😀

  3. I agree 100%. You have to give good domains time to gain accepted, natural value(while investment cost is relatively cheap). The ROI for waiting a while is like to be very good too.

  4. Uknowledge says

    Im thinking of renewing some of my domains extra years where i see increase in value.Rick his nsights as to how his domains multiply over the years so if it sells for his given range ,means his business model works.We have to look deep and apply knowledge to the names we have.Patience and knowledge always yields better result when done right .

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